Summer 2019

Hello there My experience sluts! There’s been heaps going on,  lots in the works and many adjustments to make with this SESTA/ FOSTA garbage (if you’ve seen me in the last 3 years I emailed you about it) etc.  It’s certainly been “a minute” since I’ve been able to update “the internet” on all I’ve been up to, which first and foremost is: quite busy and […] Read More

Canadian Touring + more Ontario

Getting my kinky ducks in a row to do a bit more Canadian travel with windows for playtime versus my passing through for touristy/ hiking purposes. Related to that I’d like to add a few more cities in Ontario to have some fun around more local outdoor adventures nearby. The main Canadian cities where I do and have toured before are: Montreal Halifax Calgary Vancouver Edmonton […] Read More

Domme Addiction Interview

Have a read of a recent interview about me as told through the Femdom/ Findom community! Learn a bit more about what goes on in my creative brain, 🙂 Click the link below for the full interview! Feature Interview – Contessa Zoe Aspasia

New Monthly Slave Contracts: Online Training

I have several ongoing arrangements with subs that are renewed monthly with ongoing kinky goals or strict restrictions and fantasy verbalizations. I’ve freed up a bit more time over the last year to add at least 2 more arrangements of ongoing training with select awesome individuals who have submitted to me before or are seeking online training. I’ve introduced a short term contract with a bit […] Read More

Winter Panties

From now until Easter (April 21st) I’ll have this doubly pleasing special offer for new and returning panty fans, to  worship, appreciate + play with My scent while I add a few nice new things to My closet. I started panty-slinging on Craigslist in 2007 and a lot has changed since then, and I have so many other projects on the go that I’m retiring my panty […] Read More

July is the Contessa’s Birthday Month!!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! June + Pride month was amazing, I felt pretty spoiled! I was able to try and experiment with several things on my kinky wishlist, executed epic duos with Mistress Isobel , get some fun filming in,  try new things, and had plenty of treats and time outdoors. Slave contract reviews went really well and plans for new surprises and adventures are […] Read More

Slave Contract Checkpoints: Midsummer

I have space to negotiate two more slave contracts that involve weekly/ monthly interactions (tasks, goals, guidance, meetings, mailouts). This sort of arrangement or slave contract involves regular check-ins or “checkpoints” throughout the year, the next of which is approaching June 20th. I use these times for starting new slave contracts as well as checking in on existing arrangements for health + safety. They’re also great […] Read More

What’s with NiteFlirt?

I finally started hopping on Niteflirt more often. It’s a website that sets up phone calls and handles payments as well, been a great way to not have direct phone calls in our call logs. 🙂 There’s a section for dropping short messages or questions to me, paid email exchanges, but the focus is on phone calls and I’m glad for it!  I’m especially excited to […] Read More

SexCityRadio Episode: Unique Faces of Feminine Power

Well hey there, did you know I was on the radio? The summary: “Think every dominatrix is a cruel bitch in a catsuit with a whip? Headmistress Shahrazad welcomes three fabulous Toronto-based Pro Dominatrices who each have very different approaches to Female Dominance (Femdom). Mistress Lilith Haze, Contessa Zoe Aspasia, and Mistress Red Diamond are in the studio to talk about the many unique faces of feminine power through candid sharing of […] Read More

Mayday Femdom Fantasies

For every May day I’ll be “tweeting” a unique femdom fantasy of mine, something I’ve done, have yet to do, or is still in the works of planning.  Doing this in honour of Beltane, as I’m often dabble in witchcraft and witchy things especially around the sabbats/ wheel of the year. What is Beltane (sometimes) Mayday you may ask? In short a pagan hedonistic holiday with hole […] Read More

Spring Print Sale!

Your altar needs some updated photos of the Gonzo Goddess to inspire you to play every day and serve. Autographs/ personalization optional. Get your requests in now. First shipment out next Monday, the second in early May.  The second wave of printing can include older classic shots you may have missed out on, including “Aiden” touring photos, as well as other sizes of prints. I accept a […] Read More

Spring Kink 2018

This winter has been full of hard work, lots of learning/ courses/ workshops and trying new things. Spring calls for tackling my to-read list, making more time for practicing the things I want to learn especially with the weather warming up. That being said, I’ve been having some hankerings, come in and be “used”, receive your life experience, take a little trip out of the norm. […] Read More

Winter Kink 2018

This time of year is most often used for Slave Contract reviews and new beginnings, revisiting kinky goals, dedication and rededication ceremonies, setting up new habits for worship. I’m enjoying the negotiations with open-minded newbs looking to enter “short term study” under my care. I tend to have seasonal cravings in waves: the special themes below relate to the perversions running through my head as of […] Read More