Slave Contract Checkpoints: Midsummer

I have space to negotiate two more slave contracts that involve weekly/ monthly interactions (tasks, goals, guidance, meetings, mailouts). This sort of arrangement or slave contract involves regular check-ins or “checkpoints” throughout the year, the next of which is approaching June 20th. I use these times for starting new slave contracts as well as checking in on existing arrangements for health + safety. They’re also great for exciting rededication ceremonies/ rituals (so much fun).  Slave Contracts are very personal and negotiated individually with people who I have played with before in some way..

Checkpoints: Check-ins are an excellent way to stimulate new kinky growth and remind subs/give space to verbalize important things like changes in health, interest, boundaries, ability, nerves/ anxieties, availability and more, which is important with something ongoing, as life can fluctuate so much in those areas.  All of my ongoing relationships involve checkins at 4 or 8 points of the year (at least).

If your goal is to be worked into my life in some regular way, this is what you’d be working toward, things like:

  • Long Term Servitude
  • Slave/ Servitude Contracts
  • Chastity
  • Findom
  • “Errand boys”/ Chauffers/ Grocery Bitch
  • Ongoing Video Subs
  • Travel Sub
  • Camping Trip Bitch
  • Sissy Slut Training
  • Lessons in Hedonism
  • ..and other ongoing collared or otherwise positions with Me.

My next checkpoint is June 20th. Discussions surrounding setting up a contract or arrangement for that time is June 15th, which gives a few days grace for triple checking/ finalizing details.


Existing Subs/ Slaves

If we’ve played before AND see each other 4+ times a year, you can reach out to me to start discussions and negotiations for either June 20th or the next checkpoint (August 1st). You already know how many fun things I play with, how I move through themes and play them out fully and share them with all of my regular servants, slaves and subs, and how regular servants get to try as much as they can handle.  My next theme is Colourful Kink which I’ll playing with especially hard through to the start of August, it’s a fun season to get on board!

If we play more than 4 times a year, feel free to reach out to join in on this to enrich your experience. If we are playing monthly, weekly or for extended hours or days at a time, then eight reviews is highly recommended. These check-ins are mandatory for slaves and subs with official Servitude Contracts for good kinky health (those of you engaged in this already know the value of this time).

New Contracts:

Contracts begin with reasonable goals and tasks. Showing up and follow through mean a lot. Contracts can involve kinky tasks, life goals, health goals, stress lessening, experimentation, chastity and more. Reviews consist of what’s working, what may not be working, discomforts and anxieties and changes in health, privacy + interests. Punishments + rewards are all agreed upon in advance and punishments do not involve Findom unless agreed upon.

Many people write me regarding Slave Contracts and want to give so much right away. While I appreciate that, the other side of the coin is how much energy that control needs from me, so for the better health of all parties all Contracts start small and simple. I’m far more interested in seeing follow through with small tasks than large, unrealistic promises and missing appointments. It’s important to have a lot of practice communicating with and understanding each other to step into deep control territory.  I want to have seen lots of follow through before I close in on you, and lots of speaking up for yourself: that’s when I know for sure the time will be valued as it should be.


If you want to negotiate something to begin June 20th we must have the discussion well underway by June 15th, which means write me ASAP.  The next checkpoint/ re-dedication dates are August 1st (next 8th) and September 21st (the next quarterly).

Looking so forward to these new arrangements for “Summer School” and hopefully one or two more amazing subs ready to learn and explore,

Contessa Zoe Aspasia