Duo Domination with Mistress Isobel: June 21- 25th

We’re offering duo domination scenes using a wide range of our creativities

and sadistic desires during Pride weekend June 21-25th 2018!! 


With ___Duo Domination__ sessions we enjoy things such as sissification, pain training, predicament bondage, medical play, slapping, spitting, dunking, corporal (school theme/ traditional/ found objects), anal dilation, CBT, wax, soaping, taunting, puppy play, spit roasting, breathplay, golden, slut training, pantyhose encasement, assgasm harvesting, sensory deprivation, humiliation, figging + hot pepper corporal,  scrotal suturing, enema punishment, needle bondage, foot worship, foot domination, scent play and more.


__Extended Bondage__       is a special offer this year to enjoy beingimmobilized in our presence and safely kept out of the sun as a break from all the sensory overload of Pride weekend. 

The goal is immobilized bondage with rope (jute, cotton, paracord), bodybags, saran wrap/ mummification, blanket bondage, aloe vera in a drop sheet for your sunburn… With regular check ins for safety, verbal and non verbal safewords and a shower to refresh afterwards.   This can be played out in a few ways: ignore fetish, trapped and waiting, humiliation, female supremacy or general storylines, human furniture, zipties, sensory deprivation, mean girls/ schoolgirls with a toilet swirlie finish…

… for me the extended bondage special will give me even more practice with certain bondage rigging, fabrics and materials and safety. I expanded my bondage toolkit this year and I’m excited to play with them with another amazing hedonist, Mistress Isobel.


__Lying in Wait__: I know a few of you will try to make time for the 3 Hr bondage special finishingwith an intense one hour scene with our full attention and we look forward to negotiating with you and watching you bound on the floor knowing we get to rip you out of bondage and do all sorts of sadistic, freaky, exciting or  humiliating things to you. I look forward to it. 🙂


Pre Booking + Deposit Required.  Book by June 15th to snag this special offer.  Email to start negotiating our interests and boundaries, tribute + deposits: only a few time slots available between our celebrating Pride Weekend with everyone so get your requests in ASAP!!

Contessa Zoe Aspasia    &      Mistress Isobel  (View her site here Mistress Isobel)