July is the Contessa’s Birthday Month!!


June + Pride month was amazing, I felt pretty spoiled! I was able to try and experiment with several things on my kinky wishlist, executed epic duos with Mistress Isobel http://www.mistressisobel.com/ , get some fun filming in,  try new things, and had plenty of treats and time outdoors. Slave contract reviews went really well and plans for new surprises and adventures are starting to come together for the next little while with the lucky folks on board.

July is my Birthday month!! My tradition for the day and days sandwiching it is usually to take a trip to the woods as part of the “flip over”, either glamping, camping or foraging.  For those who want to send Birthday appreciation I’ve updated my wishlist and have my eye on two awesome tools. I started the month off with heat stroke as I assume several other Torontonians did but am feeling much better now, hope the rest of you are surviving the heatwave (or snow, depending on where you are). I have a lot of things to update but I’ll stick to two big things because it’s summer and I’m up to shenanigans!

i.  Birthday + Wishlist

ii. Website/ Updates


_______  i.)  My Birthday is this Month! __________

Feel free to spoil me all month long and submit to My delightful femdom fantasies!!! My Birthday is July twenty-ninth, those seeing me in person may request or accept “side quests” for small gifts to bring to meetings or send appreciation via:

-> Online gift cards (Etsy/ Amazon.ca, send to gonzogoddess@protonmail.ch)

-> Visit My Amazon.ca wishlist: http://a.co/2IOCTNJ updated with lots of fun things I will appreciate and use (housewarming items, kinky tools, camping and adventure gear for outdoors, things to reduce my use of plastic)

-> Sponsor/ contribute toward a larger gift (I have my eyes on two): A trapeze stand, and a short throw LED projector.  The lightweight trapeze rig (https://trapezerigging.com/products/indoor-rigging ) will serve as an indoor reading swing, aerial rig for yoga, upper body strength training as well as an anchor point for bondage for some.  The video projector is lightweight and small enough to fit in my kit https://www.optoma.com/ap/product/ml750st/# to travel with or project films on the dungeon wall. (I’ve seen it for as low as 550 Canadian, willing to wait to see if it goes on sale at the end of the summer as well) This I can take amazon.ca gift card donations toward.

______ ii) Websites + Updates _____

I’ve had my main website hosted at  zoe-aspasia.com since 2007, periodically shifting it over to sophistzoe.com as politics sometimes “require”, and have managed many other sites and blogs related to kink, I’m still sorting out the best places for my content to permanently live behind some sort of paywall and double age verification system as an attempt to make a space for myself with less censorship as we move into the SESTA/ FOSTA fallout period. If you only know me from Twitter and haven’t read my blogs over the years (all since deleted from my sites in waves of  during the waves of censorship, then you have a lot to learn about me yet.

Website updates: Winter involved a lot of changes and site moving. I launched my new site at a new URL www.aspasia.ca and revamped my blogsite www.sophistzoe.com/blog to pair with it.  I deleted my Fetlife, put my Instagram on snooze and changed my Twitter handle from @Contessa_Zoe to @aspasiathegreat. I will no longer update my old wrestling websites so if you go looking for them now you’re 10 years too late :). I also returned to my Niteflirt account and am offering pre-booked phone consultations and scenes over the summer before returning to a regular schedule again in the fall. Hoping to add Sextpanther to my offerings as well in the Fall for those who love texting.

Email Updates: I now have a few email addresses outside of the Google/ Appleverses and am primarily using a Protonmail.ch encrypted email address for all negotiations for extra discretion for all (gonzogoddess@protonmail(dot)ch). I’m still periodically checking my old Gmail account and my Contessa@ addresses as well, but responding from the Protonmail only. Sent out these updates to most of the people I’ve seen in the last 3 years, couldn’t go back 15 years though, sorry!! 😛 I highly recommend you pick up an encrypted mailbox for your kinky chatting.

Video Updates: With so many changes online I am not quite sure which stores to keep honestly, after summer I may drop one or two stores depending on a few projects I have in the works. I’ll be updating my Clips4Sale weekly (it’s my main store), my other video stores less often. Every Wednesday through September I’ll be posting a Ballbusting video and another kinky themed clip on C4S, thanks for picking up so many of my videos this spring, be on the lookout for new themes incoming!

Helpful Links:

Clips4Sale: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/23947/

NiteFlirt https://www.niteflirt.com/Queen%20Aspasia

KinkBomb aspasias-adventures.kinkbomb.com

IWC https://iwantclips.com/store/26319/Aspasia_

ManyVids:  Aspasia.manyvids.com

Pantytrust  https://www.pantytrust.com/zoe

Blog: www.sophistzoe.com/blog

Website: www.aspasia.ca

Twitter: @aspasiathegreat

Amazon.ca wishlist: http://a.co/2By3iDp


Really appreciative of the collection of new content I managed to whip up over this past winter, way too many days at a desk, but worth it absolutely.  Every time I remake my website it gets closer and closer to better presenting my vision of kink, my villa of weirdness, the product of several years of adaptation and preparation for the next decade of freakishness, it’s important to me to check in with myself periodically to make sure I’m dividing my energy in a way that keeps me healthy and learning better ways to communicate and understand people.

Special thanks to my Turkey for helping me with so much this winter, my dormouse for funding lots of graphic design and new photos of my awesomeness to build this new site (and fine cheeses), to Miss Xi for her design work, and Lady Shayne for helping fascilitate some megashoots, things of Femdom fantasies, and Mistress Isobel for amazing wishlist duos during Pride weekend!!

It’s been a lot of work but a great return to living in Toronto after a lot of much needed hopping around and experience collecting for several years. I did a lot of blogging and in places with minimal internet and now that I’m near more resources to capture imagery I can turn a lot of my words from the last say, 5 years of blogging into content to last forever, that’s accessible to more adults seeking adventures, so exciting!

~ Contessa Zoe Aspasia ~