New Monthly Slave Contracts: Online Training

I have several ongoing arrangements with subs that are renewed monthly with ongoing kinky goals or strict restrictions and fantasy verbalizations. I’ve freed up a bit more time over the last year to add at least 2 more arrangements of ongoing training with select awesome individuals who have submitted to me before or are seeking online training. I’ve introduced a short term contract with a bit of flexibility to suit wonky schedules, with options to renew and regular quarterly (or eighthly) checkins to ensure everything is working well on both ends.

Sign up, amuse me, chat with me! Your progress and suffering will add so much to My winter (and yours).  I set up an online workspace for private chat and planning of your kinky journey. Chip away at kinky goals and related discipline/ encouragement or have me track and control your chastity or anal training!! 

Details: Each Month- long arrangement is set up with single or dual weekly meetings/ check ins ( 4 x 30 mins OR 8 x 15mins) as well as a snail mail treat or toy, thong, photo print for worship or an extra 30 min meeting to fit in when extra time arises to personalize the experience. Tribute 300/ month

Achievement/ Motivation  *  Chastity *  CBT Instruction * Anal Training * Panty Fetish * Filth Obsessions * Bored subs needing direction *  Humiliation * Foot Fetish

I especially want to play with new Chastity subs, ass sluts in training, CBT pain sluts seeking creative instruction and GoFer sub types/ Finslaves who love sidequest tasks. I’m set up for at least one variety of bluetooth buttplug and have one brand new silicone chastity device (pink) just waiting for it’s lifetime home. 🙂

Arrangements and tasks are all arranged after negotiating boundaries and interests to create the sandbox to play in for the best arrangement. Looking so forward to accepting one or two new kinky “ponies”, “sluts” or seekers to my stable. 🙂

~The Contessa