Spring Kink 2018

This winter has been full of hard work, lots of learning/ courses/ workshops and trying new things. Spring calls for tackling my to-read list, making more time for practicing the things I want to learn especially with the weather warming up. That being said, I’ve been having some hankerings, come in and be “used”, receive your life experience, take a little trip out of the norm. We could all use an extra dose of play after a winter of so much hard work…


Scenes/ Sessions: I’m open to any of the things that I’m into, and have been having some seasonal hankerings for the following, let’s get weird:

  • Spring Sluts:  I’ve put together 3 little parcels for CD/ trashy feminized sluts ready to submit to me: some old lingerie from my closet, some new toys from my treasure chest, some fabulous fake eyelashes…  (Three available)
  • Jelly Foot Fucker: Object fucking/ Humiliation: One available.
  • Face Standing: Looking to break my older records of how long I can stand on someone’s face. I’ll gladly use you for training.


Mail + Outings:

-> Kensington Market:  Shopping in Kensington Market including one, some or none of the following (I like doing this earlier in the year before it becomes a tourist trap):

  • My directing your shopping for Me via text from a sunny cafe window
  • Taking you behind me into a few shops to buy a few nice things I want
  • Filthy coffee
  • Kinky homework with my underthings or slave tasks
  • My directing your grocery shopping for healthier, better food

-> Creamy Thongs + Crossfit socks: 

  • Double-creamed treats, vac-sealed and mailed to you
  • Back to crossfit again, smelly socks on rotation ready to be sent out to “good boys”, scent sluts and more…

Slave Tasks:

  • Winter Chastity: This is the time to dedicate yourself to a period of chastity with a release around that date to cum with spring.  I want you to catalogue how many hours you spend craving playing with yourself and put that amount of time into doing good things, things you wouldn’t otherwise make time for. Not too late to join.. (Feb 2- May 1)
  • Toy Check: What toys are you using in your holes? What are they made of? How often are they cleaned and are you storing them properly? Best if I inspect things over Skype or Video but it’s something I’m doing for me, and you should too.

Video: Filming Slaves:  My next shoot with Miss Xi and Lady Shayne will be in April. If we’ve discussed filming or you are hoping to film with the three of us, this is when we’ll be having the next slave tryouts for ballbusting, scissoring and strikes (see below). If you are seriously interested in showing up, it’s best you serve at least one of us in a private session prior to the end of April so we better understand your abilities. Will be aiming for:  Ballbusting, Caning, Scissorholds + Breathplay, Smothering + HOM, Facestanding. In order to be in our videos you MUST sign a release form with Gov’t ID. Video shoots are not sessions, you will not have our full attention for long, and there will be periods of waiting.

Gifts: For Spring I’m looking to add that video projector to my tool kit and a new, larger tent for my outdoor gear (or a small lightweight 1 person tent for my foraging trips). The Projector is on my amazon.ca wishlist if you feel generous or I’m accepting email GCs toward it. (Optoma Short Throw LED projector).  If you have bug net canopy shade structures that you aren’t using or see on sale, I will put them to excellent use.

  • Class Sponsorship:  Last left on my list for my First Aid expansion this year is Wilderness + Remote First Aid. Later in Spring I want to add more active classes or workshops to learn to work with new tools or materials… but not just yet. Thanks so much to my subs + Finslaves for sponsoring all the classes I’ve wanted to take over the last while! The list is actually quite large but I will say I have taken the Naloxone education and instruction recently made available (as promised) and the Mental Health First Aid course I’ve been eyeing for a year is approaching fast. 🙂
  • Little Somethings: Things I’d really appreciate that are small: real maple syrup or honeycomb,  jasmine essential oil (not fragrance oil), quality full dried chillies of any variety, truffle oil/ vinegar or honey, indoor oyster mushroom grow kits, British Cadbury mini eggs (so good), Etsy email gift cards.


Looking forward to Spring shenanigans, getting men to dress up in my old lingerie with their balls taped + tucked, on a leash crawling around for me, taking some delightful pain training adventures into your body and out again, some anal training, strap-on sucking, breaking in a new strap-on harness quite thoroughly: that’s what I’m looking forward to, and some of you will be part of that.

~ Aspasia ~