Summer 2019

Hello there My experience sluts!

There’s been heaps going on,  lots in the works and many adjustments to make with this SESTA/ FOSTA garbage (if you’ve seen me in the last 3 years I emailed you about it) etc.  It’s certainly been “a minute” since I’ve been able to update “the internet” on all I’ve been up to, which first and foremost is: quite busy and content with kink scenes, extended scenes, weird things, piles of mess, odd sensations- all that good stuff. 🙂

It was a fairly large adjustment to go from minimal info websites with one photo and a phone number in this business to the internet as we know it now and juggling brand presence management on top of an already full life: for context I’ve been a SW since 2003 so I’ve seen a few “back + forths of the censorship yo-yo“. I tested out bits and pieces, weighing the pros and cons of those experiences for the last few years, toying with video but also prioritizing live quality time. I’ve had a number of “perverted” blogs over the years in many areas of the internet that I’d delete or hide during waves of censorship or local raids/ bullshit.

Living full time in Toronto for the last couple of years I’ve been diving hard into some skills practice, certification renewals + new courses related to supplementary First Aid, Medicine, Kink and “Homesteading” as well as hacking my habits to create less waste and change habits with spending now that I’d have a pantry and closet and spend less time on a farm. I’m in the middle of a two-year life hack related to waste reduction and considering how I vote with my money every day, many of you are on that journey with me.

Absolutely making some changes related to Those of you watching closely have already noticed things like:

  • Pause in video production (increase in piracy)
  • Removal of Tribute rates from my website (SESTA/ FOSTA garbage)
  • Full switch to Protonmail for all negotiations (same as above)
  • Putting my Instagram to sleep ( survival thru the purge)
  • Slight censorship of my Twitter + less content
  • No longer using Amazon for wishlist or accepting their GCs

Had a few major setbacks in setting up the next stages of my online presence:  increased local rainfall + indoor flooding and chaos of renovations packing up everything I owned and stuffing my kitchen with it, quite the uprooting of habits and loss of regular resources. Thankfully fabulous extended scenes kept me out of the chaos for nice long chunks of weirdness and “filth”.

My next steps will include:

  • A more private place than Twitter to share what I am up to
  • Mailing list to announce tours, themes and other special things
  • Another website overhaul to update language for those without as much media literacy related to sex work + another update to the language
  • Revival of My presence on Instagram (with a different focus)
  • Closing my Kinkbomb and cutting back on video stores
  • Bringing back extended experiences 5 + hrs, full days + overnights for subs who have served me multiple times, including  kinky adventures around the city, tourism, culinary delights and more.
  • A few new types of videos are inbound but I’m not spoiling those till I have enough content to drop them regularly. *excited*

Oh yeah and My Birthday is at the end of July!!!

I have my eye on a few lovely costume pieces on Etsy: I’d be really into some ETSY Gift Cards (sent to gonzogoddess(at) to go towards these handmade things I’ve had my eye on for a while.  For those who want to contribute to a larger thing, I have my eye on a particular sling stand model, but am open to seeing other solid suggestions from trusted retailers.

For those of you who serve in person I do have a few things on my list of “Sidequests“: very small to larger items that will be much appreciated.

I’ll be increasing my Canadian touring this year starting in the fall, drop me a line about potential larger city visits and of course travel sponsorship is an option. Deposits are required for bookings while travelling and I do take necessary downtime between extended or intense scenes.


July has been wonderful, lots of classes and Fringe Festival plays and free city events, rediscovering a lot of areas of the city and then again leading experience sluts to city treats, art, cheap shows etc.  I hope to have the mailing list up and running this summer, working on a snag in it’s launch but also on so many awesome things that it’s best to contact me directly and be patient. I will be mostly in Toronto for the rest of the summer, or doing last minute trips with limited availability for folks who I’ve played with before.

Back to it for me, looking forward to meeting many new experience sluts this year in Toronto and across Canada!

~ Aspasia ” the great”

aka the “Contessa”