What’s with NiteFlirt?

I finally started hopping on Niteflirt more often. It’s a website that sets up phone calls and handles payments as well, been a great way to not have direct phone calls in our call logs. 🙂

There’s a section for dropping short messages or questions to me, paid email exchanges, but the focus is on phone calls and I’m glad for it!  I’m especially excited to have my consulting line on there, so you can call with your questions, to discuss negotiation hurdles in a way I haven’t been able to offer before, to chat about kink and safety and related things.

I pre-book Niteflirt calls like other appointments, which is an easy way for you to ensure I’ll be around during your availability, I love taking calls first thing in the morning and I’m an early riser as well. The most popular kinds of things that phone calls are awesome for include:

  • Slave task delegations or check-ins
  • Breakfast rallying or motivation for a great day ahead
  • Post- work support, slave tasks, health-related tasks
  • Chatting about safety, risk-awareness or options with any given kinky activity
  • Kinky advice for couples or multiple parties in a relationship
  • Emotional support for challenging times
  • Self- care advice or extra aftercare/ decompression help after kink parties or other scenes

Here’s my affiliate link:  https://www.niteflirt.com/pid/19860629

(This gives me credit for you signing up to chat with me and others! 🙂 )

Here’s my Profile on there: https://www.niteflirt.com/Queen%20Aspasia

Below I put together a little schedule of my last minute availability for the month of May for Niteflirt calls- that means, if you can’t pre-book but have space in these windows, chances are I’ll be online:

..I will pre-book for other times (especially mornings!!!) but this calendar should help for those of you who have a bit of trouble scheduling but really want to start dipping a toe into my kind of kink as soon as you can.

Email me to set up an appointment on Niteflirt and join the excited and inspired kinksters who have been making space for Me and My awesomeness in their lives and kinky practice! 😀

~Aspasia~ aka “Contessa”