Winter Kink 2018

This time of year is most often used for Slave Contract reviews and new beginnings, revisiting kinky goals, dedication and rededication ceremonies, setting up new habits for worship. I’m enjoying the negotiations with open-minded newbs looking to enter “short term study” under my care.

I tend to have seasonal cravings in waves: the special themes below relate to the perversions running through my head as of late, and some relate to special days in the calendar. All private scenes are still 1Hr minimum with the exception of the 30 Min specials I have on for this period, till the end of March. 🙂


Scenes/ Sessions:

CandleCocks, a seasonal favourite! (WAXplay, a dash of fire, CBB, CBT)

Jelly Foot Fucker (Object fucking/ Humiliation): Only ONE available, I’ve wanted to see this happen for a while. Take it home with you + keep up the good work hahaha.

Human Puppetry (Make up optional) I paint you into a ventriloquist dummy and stuff my fist up your ass.  With strings (bondage) or without. Pinocchio nose optional.

Face Bondage: Flossing + CBB, Sensory Dep, Predicament Bondage, Strap-On Sucking


Mini Sessions: (30mins/ 240)

Pancakefoot Tuesdays until the end of March. Tuesdays only. I make pancakes and you eat them off my clean or sweaty feet. You must bring an unopened bottle of real maple syrup. Foot worship and forcefeeding, gluten-free option.

Shiny Scissoring: A reason for me to wear lots of PVC and enjoy watching you turn red between my legs. I squeeze hard, toy with you and kick you back out into the cold nice and warm and relaxed. Weekdays only.



Mail + Outings:

– Buttplugs + Tourism: Hot beverage stop so you can put in the plug or beads I give you then walking and talking down snowy Toronto art alleys as long as it’s above -15 C. You’ll see some fantastic street art, I’ll have some lovely snacks, and along the way might feed you some filthy snacks as well, all pre-negotiated.

–  Smelly Purple Sparkley Dance Sneakers (only ONE pair): Well worn to many parties, running errands, dancing + crossfit to a beautiful scent infusion.  $100 for local pick up or snail mail.

Kensington Findom Meet:  Shopping  in Kensington Market for half, sit/walk with coffee the other half. I will keep you safe from the punks and hippies while I pick out a few witchy essentials in a max of 3 shops. Following that coffee, possibly tucking my panties in your pocket, a buttplug in your bag.. and parting ways ($300/ 1HR or shorter).

– Creamy Thongs: If you’ve been thinking of worshipping my panties but are only interested in the cream of my pleasure, this is the deal for you. I play in the thong and use to soak up my slickness after pleasure during 2 separate occasions, vac-seal them up and mail them out to you. Enjoy privately or set up a live online meeting for instructions. ($60, 5 available)

My Bloody Valentine: Panty Vampires: Email asap to be notified when this special type of panty is available! For the adventurous + primal worshipper. I have white and dark fabrics to choose from.($60, 3 available) Snail mail sometimes available with express shipping only. Hankies and vials available as alternatives.

Slave Tasks:

Feb 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day, Be sure to go above and beyond for all of the women in your life, without expectation of anything, without reasons.

Canadian Slave Task: Register for that Loblaws card and donate it to a shelter. Start a campaign in your office to collect them and drop them at a women’s shelter or helpful program.

Figging: Test your sensitive little ass + face with ginger. Put another piece in your mouth to bite down on when things get tough. Add this experience to your roster so it’s less intimidating to you. I want to do some spicy spit-roasting in the spring.

Winter Chastity: Is chastity no big deal to you now? May 1st is Beltane, a explosively sexual Pagan rite. This is the time to dedicate yourself to a period of chastity with a release around that date to cum with spring. This Goddess can even unlock you hahaha. That being said, if you are doing this I want you to catalogue how many hours you spend craving playing with yourself or would have been and put that amount of time into helping people. Time spent suffering one week is used to measure your time doing good deeds the following week. Put your antsyness toward the growth of others in some way. Document that. Email me once a month with a 500 character update on your deeds from the last month. Feb 2nd to May 1st

Online Class: I’ve mentioned it to several of you, some of you have already taken it, but a surprising gem of a MOOC on coursera –> which discusses bringing more happiness to your every day, your “now”, and brings self-reflection and positive change. I highly recommend this to anyone.

-Film Recommendation: Preaching to the Perverted.  Buy it here –>

Video: Filming Slaves: 

I will film with obedient and patient slaves during this period, the following themes:

Ballbusting (clothed and otherwise)

Scissoring (must show mouth, blindfolds ok, some of my masks/hoods ok)

Corporal (no marks not an option)

If you can’t follow simple directions and handle yourself you will not be invited, I don’t have the time to manage brats, let alone on shoot days. Video shoots are not sessions, and all subs in videos MUST sign video release forms + understand there will be stops and starts where you don’t get heaps of attention. Tribute is involved. Priority always goes to people i have played with or worked with before overeager strangers who haven’t proven anything yet.

Gifts: winter Prezzies of many sizes:

 Video Projector: During this period I have my eye on one specific tool to add to my den: an Optoma ML750ST 700 Lumen SHORT THROW LED Projector. This teeny travel sized projector will mean I can project kinky classics in sessions + private time with my subs, screen classic filth with friends and colleagues on the regular (without renting) and more. It’s so portable! ( c $750 CDN) It’s on my wishlist if you feel generous or I’m accepting email GCs towards this awesome little tool.

-Class Sponsorship: Mental Health First Aid Basic Course: I’m very curious to see what this course is about: I’ve taken similar courses in the past, but want to continue learning. This 12 hrs of lessons costs $180. I’ll match the class sponsorship by making time for a Naxolone training course during the same time window, for all the best reasons.

– Little Somethings: Things I’d really appreciate that are small: real honeycomb, jasmine essential oil (not fragrance oil), quality full dried chillies of any variety, quality + labelled dried mushrooms, truffle oil/ vinegar or honey, dry red wine or dark beer, real maple syrup, extra virgin olive oil (the fanciest you can find), Etsy email gift cards


Stay warm my weird, budding kinklets! Don’t let the winter get you down, Spring is just around he corner really, and I can keep you plenty warm until then. I’m like a comfortable wool sock that goes all the way up except also takes you on wacky memorable adventures + blows your mind. I do like to leave subs better than when I found them, even if I leave marks as well. I’m just wrapping up my new website in which case this one will vanish into the mists like so many others I’ve had, a constant process of adaptation, personal growth + change and available time.

Don’t forget to read up on my application hints before emailing, they do help keep your focus and my patience. 😀  Looking forward to introducing more new transformative kink experiences to subs ready to jump far out of their comfort zones, destroy hangups and rediscover their bodies.

Contessa Zoe Aspasia